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Pre Lands Update

Things are gearing up. I finished my final placement in Melbourne this week. I really enjoyed my time at the school, but still cannot imagine myself working in a mainstream secondary environment now, if ever. I did prefer working in a lower socio-economic school though. The kids seemed more vibrant to me – more challenging, more interesting, more prepared to give things a go without fear of failure. And more willing to tell you where to go if they weren’t interested. I like that anti-authoritarian spirit.

I was in Adelaide a couple of weeks back tying up the loose ends for registration. Navigating different states’ Departments is difficult and frustrating. But finally I have my First Aid certificate, my Mandatory Notification certificate and every other document that I need to send in. All I have to do now is send it in…

I am heading to the town at the end of November for a week or so. It will my first time meeting the other teachers and staff at the school and the guys that I’m going to be working with. Am I actually ready for this next step? Am I going to be able to teach on the Lands properly? Do I have the imagination – the confidence – the desire – the strength? The ability to listen?

I’d like to chat to a mate who has recently begun at another town on the Lands. I wonder how he is going. He’s internet-less, though, from what I hear.

Not long now. Two weeks left of university. Eek.


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