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Rosalie Kunoth-Monks

I’ve been remiss in posting for a long time – but this needs to be posted here. The conversation on Q&A last night was pretty horrific in terms of the out-dated perspectives put forward, but Rosalie’s gracious response was resplendent indeed.


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June 10, 2014 · 9:21 pm

Chris Garner – Tedx Presentation

The below video is an interesting presentation that Chris Garner gave at TedxDarwin 2011. The core focus of his talk is around making content relevant to individual experience and the effect this has had on outcomes for the Indigenous students at his school. I find it really surprising that it’s taken this long for Australians to be talking about making content relevant. I would imagine that it would see success with non-Indigenous students as well. Either way, it’s an interesting presentation and food for thought.

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