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Rosalie Kunoth-Monks

I’ve been remiss in posting for a long time – but this needs to be posted here. The conversation on Q&A last night was pretty horrific in terms of the out-dated perspectives put forward, but Rosalie’s gracious response was resplendent indeed.


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June 10, 2014 · 9:21 pm

Australia slides further into the early 20th Century.

The Age (Melbourne) reported this article earlier today.

Taxi Drivers bar Aboriginal actors

When will this country break away from this kind of ridiculous mindset? I want to provide comment, but I’m too aghast, too infuriated, too frustrated by this land. Racism here is directed both passively and aggressively at any one who appears a little different. Yet people still refuse to accept that it is WE who ARE DOING IT. Oh no, it’s not Australians born and raised here that are driving cabs, it’s those ‘furriners’. Do we not hear ourselves? It was Australians at Cronulla. It’s Australians on public transport abusing Indians, Asians, Arabic people. It’s Australians abusing my highly intelligent Australian friend because surely she couldn’t actually be reading the Financial Review. After all, she’s of Asian descent and, God help her,  a woman.

And this is just the blatant racism. The passive racism is worse. It’s the looks that people give when a non-Indigenous person is seen talking to an Indigenous person. It’s the quiet, heads down, ignore and it will go away, attitude when confronted with blatant racism. The quiet disagreement, even disapproval, but the utter unwillingness to actively counter it.

We refused to play sport against South Africa until they removed apartheid. When will we wake up and realise that we, like South Africa, are racists and that we must change? When will we actively stamp out the ignorance and bigotry that plagues us? We applauded our PM when he apologised to the stolen generations. When will we actually mean it?


If I hadn’t already left this country once, I’d be inclined to do so again. And never return. And don’t anyone dare say “but there’s racism wherever you go.” Of course, there is. Trust me, I was a ‘guiri’ in Spain for three years. I’ve experienced it. That doesn’t mean it’s justifiable. EVER.


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