Schooling changes on the Lands

I’m not really prepared to write a blog post on this, but seeing as it’s now hit the press, it’s worth putting up. In terms of APY press coverage, this is likely to get quite a bit I’d imagined.

The Australian published this article today re: proposed changes to school terms. The SA government is proposing that for the APY Lands, schooling will be conducted over 48 weeks.

ABC online also published an article today on the proposed changes.

The Paper Tracker radio show conducted an interview with Peter Chislett, the government consultant for the change.

They’ve also conducted an interview with Makinti Minutjukur and Katrina Tjitayi – prominent members of the Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Education Committee.



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2 responses to “Schooling changes on the Lands

  1. Jeremy Gaynor

    Education has gone backwards…a region without a real economy and an APY exec fending off Government services conversations.
    The 48 week school year has disappeared without a trace….
    Another year another group of kids pass into a non existent labor market

  2. L

    Thanks for commenting, Jeremy. The 48 week school year has fallen on the backburner – although I don’t think it has without a trace. There are significant changes in the organisation of Lands education in the heady towers of the department, but as usual, these things take a long time to roll out.

    I believe there are real opportunities in local and near-local employment emerging, but these successes are often small and seemingly inconsequential. I think Australia definitely took some sizeable steps backwards at times – but we’ve also made steps forward.

    I have hope.

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