…I haven’t had time to write since Term went back…

But someone apparently decided I deserved a Blogger’s award.

Fairly undeserved I’d say. And kind of more like a chain-mail game… but I always liked the idea of chain letters as a kid, although I always felt burnt when the postcards, money, chocolate etc, didn’t come through.

I don’t read enough blogs to continue this on from here, but for the sake of writing something, I’ll answer a few questions.

1. Which famous writer would you like to be, and why?
Ach, Bukowski. It has to be. His misanthropy, his love, his anger, his drinking, his bitterness, his beauty and his utter commitment to working class poetry. I never tire of Buk.
2. Favourite book, and why?
Tess of the D’Urbervilles – Thomas Hardy
I would travel back in time and through fiction to save Tess. She is glorious. Her innocence, her unrelenting faith, her passion, her hope, her devastation. If I could, I would marry her to save her from her fate.
3. Where do you want to travel to in 2013?
I must return to Spain. I must return to Spain. I must return to Spain. I must return to Spain. I miss Madrid.
4. Who would you most like to sit next to on a long haul flight?
Nobody. I want the entire row to myself on a long haul flight. There’s plenty of people I’d like to have in front or behind. Zizek, maybe? Just to listen to him rant – but not next to me. God, no, have you seen how that man twitches?
5. Why do you blog?
To record thoughts, to reflect, to hopefully grow professionally… but it’s flattering that a few people I don’t know have been reading it.
6. How many roads should a man (or woman) walk down…?
As many as they like, so long as they are mostly overgrown. You know, the road less travelled…
7. Where have you been that you’d never go back to?
I don’t think there’s anywhere that I’ve been that I would never return. I’ve never felt enough disdain for a place to not go back. Maybe, just maybe, the outer commercial suburbs of Madrid – but then that’s only because they’re so bland and I would have no reason to go there.
8. If you were an animal what would you be?
Yeah, nah, I dunno. I never like that question. My dog’s great. She’s a dingo-kelpie-crossed-with-everything-under-the-sun. Can I be her?
9. Dream job (other than what you do now)?
A journalist in the Spanish Civil War. Working alongside Hemingway, Bolloten, maybe dropping everything to help fight in the Brigades or with the CNT.
Failing that, a music reviewer for something substantial like Pitchfork or the Quietus – with a finger on the pulse of the underground and a toe in the ocean of mainstream.
10. Best (or oddest) souvenir you’ve brought home from your travels?
I have two pieces of artwork by artists displayed in the National Gallery of Victoria. And they live in my town. That’s pretty cool, I reckon. I wish I still had my traditional Spanish cookbook written in Spanish, but alas, I gave that to someone who deserved it more. But no, the award goes to my two pigeon orphans – carved by a man I worked with on placement at a school near (in a manner of speaking) where I work now. Unfortunately, their parents were stolen by a man from here and sold to some unsuspecting ‘waipala’. But it was the nicest gift I ever received.
11. Your greatest achievement?
30 years.

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