Pre-Lands Introduction and lack of About page

If anyone stumbles on this page now, here’s the deal:

I’m about to move out to the desert, to the Australian outback, to take my first post as a teacher (for real). I’m originally of Adelaide, Australia, currently live in Melbourne, Australia and have previously lived in Madrid, Spain and London, UK. I’ve been a musician, a bureaucrat, a retail monkey, a call centre monkey, a McDonald’s monkey, a pseudo-music journalist (read – I reviewed gigs for free and the occasional free CD), an ESL teacher, a bartender in previous incarnations. I speak Spanish and English, one much better than the other. I know a handful of words in German and Pitjantjatjara. I studied the history of anarchism or more specifically the Spanish Civil War and once had dreams of being a dusty old anarchic professor. All of these roads have led me to here, to this point.

In three months, I graduate from a Masters of Teaching (fingers crossed I pass). While undertaking the course, I was placed at three very different schools – a wealthy, all-girls school, an Aboriginal school in the desert and a low socio-economic, co-ed. I’ve accepted a position next year in a tiny little town in South Australia in the middle of the APY Lands. The APY Lands are a large Aboriginal local government area in remote North West South Australia. They are the lands of the Pitjantjatjara and Yakunytjatjara people – the Anangu. The map below gives some idea of where the APY Lands are.

This is going to be the blog of this experience.



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